Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are all trips two dives? Most are, see our charter rate page for the exceptions.
  2. Are tanks and weights included? No.
  3. Can I do deco diving? Yes, as long as you are properly trained.
  4. Can I use Nitrox or Tri-mix? Yes, You must hold certifications for these mixes.
  5. Is there o2 on board? Yes.
  6. Should I tip? Only if you feel like someone earned it.
  7. How many tanks can I bring? Two single tanks and a pony or one set of doubles and stage bottle. Any extra clear with the Captain.
  8. Is lunch/water included? No.
  9. Do I need a buddy? No if you are solo certified. If you need one the mate will dive with you or we will pair up divers.
  10. Do I need to show my cert card x log book? Yes.
  11. Do I pay if I can’t dive due to sea sickness? Yes.
  12. What will the visibility be? See our dive condition page.
  13. What is the water temp? See our dive condition page.
  14. Will there be a current on the dive? We make all effort to plan for slack currents. This is area where they certainly exist.
  15. Will the boat run if it rains? Yes.
  16. Can I bring a cooler? Yes, but no alcohol.
  17. Is there a toilet on board? Yes.
  18. How much is the trip? See our rate page.
  19. Is there parking near the boat? Yes directly behind the boat.
  20. What time does the boat leave? 6 am sharp or otherwise when time is agreed to. plan on checking in and loading 30 min prior.
  21. Can I sleep on the boat the night before? Yes but only with prior OK.
  22. Will the trip be cancelled for bad weather? The Captain will try to make the call 24 hours before the scheduled departure.
  23. Are there refunds on canceled trips? See our policy page.

Still have a question? Contact our staff, we are happy to help you.



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